13th annual PPD Hamilton Harvestfest will be in Gage Park (Bandshell) on Sunday 13 Sept. 2015

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PPD Hamilton 13th Annual Harvestfest 13 Sept 9 - 5 am

Pagan Pride Day Hamilton’s 13th annual Harvestfest is fast approaching Sunday Sept 13 from 9 – 5at the  Gage Park Bandshell Come on out for some great entertainment lolts of vendors and fantastic workshops. The event is open to all and free. If you can bring a non-perishable food item or a twoonie for FoodShare. For more details on the workshops please go to our facebook page and click on the event tab a full listing and schedule is there. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/5164088726/?fref=ts


On stage:

1130- 1200 New Generation Youth Centre dance and song troupe

12 – 1230 Mike West Singer songwriter

1230 – 100 Belly Up bely dance troupe

1 – 130 Elysium Tribal Dance troupe

130 – 2 Blue Raven Drummers

2 – 3 Myke Hutchings singer songwriter

3 – 4 Dragon Ritual Drummers

4 – 430 Belly Up dance troupe

Workshops etc; Women’s ritual, 13 Essential herbs; Working with essential oils; How to put a genie in your bottle – partnering with plant spirits; Creating a personal shrine, Egyptian alter tools; Wreaths to adorn; Olympians; 13 moons; Shrine in honour of Sekhmet Bast; Main ritual

Call for workshop facilitators.

Call for workshop facilitators. Would you like to facilitate one of our 2015/16 fall and winter workshops at the HARRRP Centre in Hamilton? We are looking for various facilitators. We need your help to make these fun and engaging. Here is your chance to give something to the community. If so email drew at chair@ppdhamilton.org .

About PPD Hamilton

Hamilton Pagan Pride Day

The Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival's primary goal is to educate the public about Paganism. As such, the festival centres on a series of religious ceremonies. But that's not all that you will see! In addition to the ceremonies there will be workshops on a variety of subjects related to health and well-being, both spiritual and physical, vendors displaying their products, live entertainment and activities for the kids.


What is a Pagan?

The following definition is for the purposes of the Pagan Pride Project. Others may define themselves or their group in different ways, and that's OK. Some groups that fit the categories we list may not call themselves Pagan, and that's ok too - that's why we say that first and foremost the definition of a Pagan is someone who self-identifies as a Pagan.

But the following was created in order to have a functional definition to help educate the public about the spiritual paths we cover:

A Pagan or NeoPagan is someone who self-identifies as a Pagan, and whose spiritual or religious practice or belief fits into one or more of the following categories:
• Honoring, revering, or worshipping a Deity or Deities found in pre-Christian, classical, aboriginal, or tribal mythology; and/or
• Practicing religion or spirituality based upon shamanism, shamanic, or magickal practices; and/or
• Creating new religion based on past Pagan religions and/or futuristic views of society, community, and/or ecology; and/or
• Focusing religious or spiritual attention primarily on the Divine Feminine.
(Taken from http://paganpride.org/who/who.html )

About the Pagan Pride Day Movement: The Pagan Pride Project, formed in 1998, is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is the advancement of religion and elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs. Specifically, Pagan Pride Project events are intended to increase community awareness of Paganism. The coordinating body supports regional and local Pagan Pride Day activities. In 2004 there were 136 Pagan Pride Day events in nine countries.

PAGAN PRIDE PROJECT An international non-profit organization who's primary purposes is the advancement of religion and elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs.

MISSION STATEMENT To foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community.

PAGAN PRIDE DAY A public Autumn Equinox festival promoting tolerance and diversity in our community by:

AIR: Education Provide accurate information on Paganism

FIRE: Activism Actively support tolerance of varied spiritual beliefs

Water: Charity Demonstrate charity by sharing our own abundance

Earth: Community Provide an opportunity for like minded individuals to meet and interact  

Interested in learning more?   Thinking about organizing your own PPD? Visit the international site at www.paganpride.org